DNA Origins – Loschbour Man

Loschbour Man

My families Shared DNA with a dark-skinned, blue-eyed, 8000 year old Cave Man and good news for me, I am the least Cave Man of them all.

I’m sure a lot of people have already compared their DNA to the amazing resources that gedmatch has archived on their  Archaic DNA samples page. Here there is a good list of ancient DNA uploaded by Felix Immanuel.

I have so far tried and tested all of my Kits with these samples and they have yielded varying results.

Many return as no Match, but there are a fair amount that I Match with.

The following is my DNA Match to Loschbour Man, A hunter-gatherer who lived 8000 years ago. The almost complete skeleton was discovered in a shelter under an overhanging rock at Müllerthal , Löschbur locality , near the Black Ernz , by the amateur archaeologist Nicolas Thill in 1939.

Loschbur Mann / Loschbour Man / Skeleton
Skeleton of the Loschbour Man National Museum of Natural History in Luxembourg

Below is the archaic DNA sample that I have tested with and my family groups shared DNA.

Sample Name: Loschbour

Sample Location: Loschbour, Luxembourg

Gedmatch Kit number: F999918

Sex: Male


Mt-DNA: U5b1a

Age of remains: 8,000 years

DNA KIT ONE: Stephen Kuta Senior

17.22% shared DNA

DNA KIT TWO: Stephen Robert Kuta Junior

14.25% shared DNA

DNA KIT THREE: Christine Bean

16.56% shared DNA

DNA KIT FOUR: Linda Cottiss

15.56% shared DNA

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