DNA Origins – Clovis Anzik-1

Clovis Mammoth

My shared DNA with a 12,500 year old native American Boy.

Clovis-Anzick DNA

Clovis, with its distinctive biface, blade and osseous technologies, is the oldest widespread archaeological complex defined in North America. The genome sequence of a male infant (Anzick-1) recovered from the Anzick burial site in western Montana.

Recently I have been comparing what DNA my family share with ancient people, as many ancient genomes have been added to gedmatch allowing those with an interest in DNA to compare their own raw DNA data with various ancient and archaic samples uploaded to GEDmatch by Felix Immanuel.

I have raw DNA Data for four members of my family and I have compared each kit with the archaic samples available.

Below are the full details for the sample that my own Kits have been compared too. I will explain a little more about Clovis further on in this post.

name: Clovis Anzik-1 

location: Montana, North America 

gedmatch kit: F999919

sex: Male

Y-DNA: Q-Z780

Mt-DNA – D4h3a

Age of skeleton – 12,500 years old.

DNA Kit 1 – Stephen Robert KUTA Junior

10.08% shared DNA

DNA kit 2 – Stephen Kuta Senior

13.57% shared DNA

DNA Kit 3 – Christine Bean 

12.03% shared DNA

DNA Kit 4 – Linda Cottiss 

9.42% Shared DNA

The above, shows a clear shared Match with this ancient group of people, My father shares the most, whilst my maternal aunt has the least. Now my family group are very admixed especially my maternal branch, but how do we share DNA with a group of people that lived 15,000 years ago, and separated by an ocean, a continent and the Last ice age?

The population at one time, and probably at several different times, had to be very small.  In fact, it’s very likely that many times different pockets of the human race was in great jeopardy of dying out.  We know about the ones that survived.  Probably many did perish leaving no descendants today. Most of us probably descend from Clovis many, many time over.

Clovis People
Clovis People

Native Americans share the most DNA with Clovis

DNA harvested from the remains of the infant buried 13,000 years ago confirms that the earliest widespread culture in North America was descended from humans who crossed over to the New World from Asia, scientists say.

Oldest Burial in North America

Clovis Burial Site, Montana, America.

The skeleton of the Clovis child—which experts determined belonged to a young boy about one to one-and-a-half years old—was discovered in 1968 in the Anzick burial site in western Montana. Dozens of ochre-covered stone tools found at the site were consistent with Clovis technology, and radiocarbon dating revealed that the skeleton was approximately 12,600 years old.

The Anzick skeleton “is the oldest burial in North America, and the only known human burial associated with the Clovis culture,”

Using bone shavings collected from the skull, the scientists painstakingly reconstructed the full genome of the young Clovis child.

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