DNA Origins – Archaic DNA Comparison.

DNA By Stephen Robert Kuta DNA of my Ancestors

Our human evolution and story all began with the same groups of people many thousands of years ago. As a result ancient shared genomes that have been sequenced are present in each and everyone us. Some as old as 50,000 years.

Genetic Genealogy is a new a tool for me something I have only used as part of my research in the Last two years. But it has altered the way I see my family history, it has helped verify my tree and even fixed a couple of branches. I still have a long way to go in making use of one of the best tools we have and I still need to test my Y-DNA and MtDNA to work alongside the autosomal Tests I have so far processed.

Below is a full list of my shared DNA percentages with the ancient DNA uploaded to GEDmatch (Using Ancient Calculator).

I have used the Values as listed on the screenshot below, These imput Values are as shown on the website genetic Genealogy tools.

Ancient Calculator Values
Ancient Calculator Values
Sample Name Sample Location GEDMatch Sex Y-DNA Mt-DNA Approx. Age by authors My Shared DNA
Altai Neanderthal Denisova Cave, Siberia F999902 F 50,000 years 0.97%
Denisova Denisova Cave, Siberia F999903 F 30,000 years  0.63%
Palaeo-Eskimo Qeqertarsuaq, Greenland F999906 M Q1a D2a1 4,000 years 6.96%
Clovis-Anzick-1 Montana, North America F999919 M Q-Z780 D4h3a 12,500 years 20.71%
Mal’ta South – Central Siberia F999914 M R U 24,000 years 5.57%
La Braña-Arintero León, Spain F999915 M C-V183 U5b2c1 7,000 years 8.22%
Motala-12 Östergötland, Sweden F999917 M I-L460 U2e1 7,000 years 11.41%
LBK Stuttgart, Germany F999916 F T2c2 7,500 years 30.05%
Loschbour  Loschbour, Luxembourg F999918 M I-L460 U5b1a 8,000 years 27.37%
Ajvide58 Sweden F999924 M I-CTS772 U4d 5000 years 1.98%
Gökhem2 Sweden F999934 F H1c 5000 years 2.78%
Hinxton-2 Cambridgshire, UK F999921 F H2a2b1 1300 years 1.37%
Hinxton-3 Cambridgshire, UK F999922 F K1a4a1a2b 1300 years 2.05%
Hinxton-4 Cambridgshire, UK F999925 M R-DF25 H1ag1 2000 years 3.81%
Hinxton-5 Cambridgshire, UK F999926 F H2a2a1 1300 years 1.54%
KO1 Tiszaszőlős-Domaháza, Hungary F999931 M I-L68 R3 5650-5780 cal BC 6.74%
NE1 Polgár-Ferenci-hát, Hungary F999937 F U5b2c 5070-5310 cal BC 29.43%
NE5 Kompolt – Kigyósér, Hungary F999927 M C-F3393 J1c 4990-5210 cal BC 5.85%
NE6 Apc-Berekalja I., Hungary F999932 M C-P255 K1a3a3 4950-5300 cal BC 5.56%
NE7 Apc-Berekalja I., Hungary F999928 M I-L1228 N1a 4360-4490 cal BC 6.29%
CO1 Apc-Berekalja I., Hungary F999930 F H 2700-2900 cal BUT  5.21%
BR2 Ludas-Varjú-dűlő, Hungary F999933 M J-M67 K1a1a 1110-1270 cal  BC 31.63%
IR1 Ludas-Varjú-dűlő, Hungary F999929 M N-M231 G2a1 830-980 cal BC 5.90%
Ust’-Ishim Ust’-Ishim, Siberia F999935 M K-M526 R 45,000 years 26.00%
Kostenki14 European Russia F999936 M C-V199 U2 38,700-36,200 years 10.43%
RISE00 Sope, Estonia F999955 F H5a1 ~2000 years  4.96%
RISE94 Viby, Sweden F999956 M K-M1221 K1a2a 4025 years 5.01%
RISE97 Fredriksberg, Sweden F999945 CT-Y1580 K2a5 3590 years 4.32%
RISE98 L Beddinge 56, Sweden F999941 M R-M405 K1b1a 3736 years 20.87%
RISE150 Przeclawice, Poland F999948 U5a1b1 3469 years 11.59%
RISE174 Oxie 7, Sweden F999943 W1 1521 years 10.72%
RISE395 Bol’shekaraganskii, Russia F999949 F U2e1 3540 years 10.96%
RISE479 Erd 4, Hungary F999944 M I-L1228 T2b ~2000 years 6.65%
RISE493 Sabinka 2, Russia F999950 M Q-L712 C4a1c 3214 years 22.09%
RISE495 Arban 1, Russia F999958 M R-F3105 D4j1  17.09%
RISE496 Arban 1, Russia F999959 F U5a1a2a 3070 years 12.52%
RISE497 Arban 1, Russia F999957 F-P142 A2f2 ~2000 years 18.26%
RISE499 Bystrovka, Russia F999952 F H5a1 ~2000 years 6.44%
RISE500 Kytmanovo, Russia F999947 F U4d1 ~2000 years 9.01%
RISE502 Bystrovka, Russia F999960 F U5a1d 3140 years 6.57%
RISE503 Kytmanovo, Russia F999961 U2e2 3328 years 5.74%
RISE504 Kytmanovo, Russia F999962 M J-CTS3732 C4a1d 1208 years 5.86%
RISE505 Kytmanovo, Russia F999953 U4a1b 3391 years 20.88%
RISE509 Bateni, Russia F999942 F T2c 4186 years 5.66%
RISE511 Bateni, Russia F999967 F J2a2a 4224 years 16.67%
RISE523 Kapova cave, Russia F999966 G2a1 3192 years 11.78%
RISE548 Temrta IV, Russia F999968 M R-L23 U4 ~2000 years 6.00%
RISE552 Ulan IV, Russia F999946 M I-S12195 T2a1a 3940 years 11.64%
RISE569 Brandysek, Czech Republic F999954 H1af2 ~2000 years 5.70%
RISE577 Velke Prilepy, Czech Republic F999951 T2b ~2000 years  5.44%
RISE601 Verh-Uimon, Russia F999969 M M8a1 ~2000 years 5.44%
RISE602 Sary-Bel, Russia F999965 M J-M410 C4 ~2000 years 2.71%
Bot15 Rio Doce, Minas Gerais, Brazil F999963 M C-PH3092 B4a1a1a ~1600 AD 4.93%
Bot17 Rio Doce, Minas Gerais, Brazil F999964 M C-Z31878 B4a1a1 ~1600 AD 3.89%
Kennewick Man Kennewick, Washington state, USA F999970 M Q-M199 X2a 8358 years

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