DNA Match – Richard Curtis of Buckland Newton

Richard Curtis (1732 – 1794) Blacksmith of Buckland Newton, Dorset was the son of Christopher Curtice (1702 – 1781), he is my 7x great-grandfather.

This branch of my family history is an illegitimate line, as his grandson Richard Curtis (1787 – 1824), married Rebecca Gilham (1776 – 1840), two years after the birth of his son Charles Gilham (1805 – 1876). Charles carried his mother’s surname due to the illegitimacy of his birth.

This line of my family history has long been my LAST proven illegitimate branch from the last 200 – 250 years of my family’s story.

Although; I have always felt confident that the Curtis family were the paternal family of Charles Gilham, my 4x great-grandfather, (even though I had no documents that tied the Gilham family to the Curtis family, except for the marriage two years after the birth of Charles). Partners co-habiting outside of marriage is not unusual to me, as my parents were never married. So seeing this in history, doesn’t feel out of the ordinary to me. Our forbears were not that different to us.

Today, I received three new DNA MATCHES, one for myself, my mother and aunt. It turns out we all share DNA with Richard Curtis (1732 – 1794).

For me, this pretty exciting; as already mentioned this is my last illegitimate line to prove, and DNA, like it has so many times before has answered big questions that the public records have never been able to answer.

I have uploaded these matches to My public Ancestry tree, as the topic of this connection has come up many times over the years, and many members refuse to acknowledge it. I understand why off cause, but sometimes you need think outside the box and go with your instinct.

Richard Curtis DNA MATCH
Richard Curtis DNA MATCH

Stephen Robert Kuta

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