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This is my first post in a long while, and I’m hoping this year there’s going to be lots more of them.

For the last month, i’ve been work through my parents autosmal DNA connections, and from doing so i’ve stumbled upon new lines, broken down walls, confirmed illegitimate links and discovered a very rich heritage of ancestry. Not just from the people I descend, but more importantly the blood that has survived the ages and has passed through to my parents.

Firstly, we don’t inherit DNA from all of our ancestors, there are just too many of them, and very often their blood is diluted as it comes down the line and for many it disappears from our gene’s entirely.

This is my favourite aspect of autosmal DNA testing, you can clearly see who we inherit our DNA from and from those we do not.

I have so far found three very important DNA links that my parents carry, and these links match at different generations as you move further into my tree.

One such link, took me by surprise, a shared DNA link with the famous Boleyn Family of Hever Castle, Kent.

Below is a pedigree showcasing my family descent from Thomas Boleyn (1477 – 1539)

Thomas “1st Earl of Wiltshire” BOLEYN (1477 – 1539)
14th great-grandfather (shared DNA Match)
George “Viscount of Rochford” BOLEYN (1506 – 1536)
son of Thomas “1st Earl of Wiltshire” BOLEYN
George “Dean of Litchfield” BOLEYN (1536 – 1603)
12th great-grandfather
William ‘of Cattistock’ BOLLYN (1567 – )
son of George “Dean of Litchfield” BOLEYN
William ‘of Cattistock’ BOLLEN (1601 – )
son of William ‘of Cattistock’ BOLLYN
Walter ‘Waller’ ‘of Cattistock’ BOLLEN (1622 – 1699)
son of William ‘of Cattistock’ BOLLEN
Phinehas BOLLEN (1660 – 1746)
son of Walter ‘Waller’ ‘of Cattistock’ BOLLEN
Rebeckah BOLLEN (1723 – 1800)
daughter of Phinehas BOLLEN
Rebeckah BAILEY (1746 – 1814)
daughter of Rebeckah BOLLEN
Rebecca GILHAM (1776 – 1840)
daughter of Rebeckah BAILEY
Charles GILHAM (1805 – 1876)
son of Rebecca GILHAM
Sarah Ann GILHAM (1846 – )
daughter of Charles GILHAM
Caroline Eliza MYHILL (1874 – 1909)
daughter of Sarah Ann GILHAM
Thomas Walter Frank BEAN (1903 – 1965)
son of Caroline Eliza MYHILL
William Llewellyn BEAN (1931 – )
son of Thomas Walter Frank BEAN
Christine Angela Deborah BEAN (1957 – )
daughter of William Llewellyn BEAN
Stephen Robert KUTA
You are the son of Christine Angela Deborah BEAN
 Originally the eldest BOLLEN ancestor I knew off was; Phinehas Bollen (1660 – 1746) of Cattistock, Dorset. Sadly I have no paper trail passed this generation, and so I thought that this area of my tree was probably the best I could do, with the resources available to me.
DNA testing however proved otherwise and I have discovered five DNA matches to the Bollen / Boleyn family line.
 The first two matches were for Robert Bollen of Hingham, Norfolk (1595 – 1634)
 The third match was for George Boleyn of Halifax, Yorkshire (1559 – 1610)
 The fourth was for his wife Jean Buren
 The fifth was for Thomas Boleyn (1477 – 1539)
 And a few more exist further back in time which I have not yet included.
 So Walter ‘Waller’ Bollen (born about 1620) is my missing link, even though I have no baptism for him, only one child attributed to him, no burial for him and all I know is that he was resident in Cattistock, Dorset where my Bollen ancestors hail from.
 Whether or not Walter was father to my Phinehas Bollen or even a son of Robert Bollen remains to be said, but my DNA tells me that’s where I belong.
 Either way, and this is the best bit. My Mum shares DNA with Anne, Mary and George Boleyn and if my DNA is correct it also solves the age old mystery of George Boleyn’s illigitimate son’ also called George (Dean of Litchfield) and recorded as his son on a memorial slab and in the university papers of Trinity College.

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